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Backyard Sports

Backyard Sports unblocked it's updated here on!
Where in this old school Backyard Sports you can see it provides a retro free online basketball and Olympic baseball game. Developed for those seeking free online baseball games to play to learn some new strategies or improve their existing skills, Backyard Sports is a mini-game that provides all of that and more. Playing this game is similar to playing baseball in an actual stadium, which allows you to experience the feeling of being a real player. First, you will be asked to select a player and a team you will be batting for. After that, you must complete several levels to improve your batting. The tasks you must meet to progress through each group will differ as you will see in this baseball game
About Backyard sports game? has uploaded a stable and updated version of the Backyard Sports game. You will be assigned to the position of batter or batters. It is strategically placed next to the house to protect it. The player is armed with a heavy bat, which can be made of wood or aluminium. The objective is to hit the ball, which will launch the pitcher into the air. Keep an eye on the bouncing ball and strike at the right time. Keep in mind that when you select a player, he will not immediately react to your team's actions. Take this into consideration and calculate the precision of the strike. You receive eight points for each ball that is successfully batted; for each missed ball, you lose three points, and the game is over, so just start over and do your best in this baseball game today.
Tips and Tricks in Backyard sports?
The game Backyard Sports will take you on a journey through the world of sports, specifically baseball and softball. This exciting game has gained popularity as more people get involved across the globe. A group of baseball fans interested in the development of the sport and who admire baseball stars. And why wouldn't you want to try your hand at playing against some of the most well-known professional teams in the world? Yes, you read that perfectly we will be competing in the world championships back in your backyard! To accomplish this, you must enter the field with a bat in your hands and beat off all of the throws that will result in a player from the opposing team. If everything goes according to plan and you win this round, your team will advance to the tournament's next game. After that, you will compete for the title of world champion baseball player at the end of the path. Each team of your opponents will increase the game's complexity because they each have their special feints, and you will have a better chance of winning if you play smart, so just do your best in this baseball game browser.
How to play and win in Backyard sports?
First, you will be asked to select a player and a team you will be batting for. After that, you must complete several levels to improve your batting. The tasks you must meet to progress through each group will differ. It would benefit if you performed your way up from batting and chose one of the 10 teams to play with. Backyard Sports is a sports game written in Flash and HTML5 technology intended for players who enjoy playing in their free time sports games. Exciting scenarios, bright and colourful traced graphics, and an original soundtrack combine to create an experience that any player will not forget. So join the Baseball Pro fans to download the game to their device as soon as possible and enjoy the game. Play on our website if you do not want to download the software. No registration is required open the page in any web browser to get started in this baseball game online.
History And Development Of Backyard Sports Game!
The release of Backyard Football, which includes the new Online Play feature and the launch of JrSN, a new service dedicated to everything Backyard Sports, takes place on September 14, 1999, by Humongous Entertainment (Junior Sports Network). It enables children to participate in online games using their Coach Name and interact with other children in a safe and friendly environment; this is considered a breakthrough. In the following year, 2000. Backyard Baseball 2001 was released by Humongous. Similar to its predecessor in 1997, this edition includes professional players and online play through Junior Sports Network (JRSN) (later renamed Humongous Sports). Unfortunately, the service was discontinued sometime around the twentieth century. For nearly two decades, players could not access any online version of the two games they wished to play.

Is Backyard Baseball still available?
Yes, you can play Backyard Sports on any browser here on, we updated the game, to its HTTPS game version! Making the game safe for every device!
What was the last Backyard Sports game?
In the game interface where you will select your game mode, you can see at the bottom of the game interface the so-called ''Backyard Baseball '09''.

How many Backyard Sports games are there?
In the ranks game interface, you can see there are three level maps you can play the game on. And each map has up to five minigame events. Each minigame event completed will provide you with different points.
As A Tip:
Remember that every 2,500 points earned will earn you a Firebat, which will make the ball too hot to touch! Earn a Meteor Ball when you reach 10,000 points, which gives you a 100 per cent chance of hitting a home run! 

Release Date      September 14, 1999
Updated On       15.03.2022 to html5 and its HTTPS version of the game. 
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Backyard sports
Game Features:
-Decent low poly 3D graphics.
-10 different teams to choose and play with.
-Four players to choose and play with.
-Three main levels to play on
-Each level can earn different points
-Full-screen mode is available.
-HTTPS ready.

The Backyard Sports game was developed by Super Apple, but you can also play the game online for free on

Available On:
The game is now updated and available on browsers and Any PC device. Also on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Android, Game Boy.

More Information About Backyard Sports
Join an old school one-touch baseball game that you can enjoy for free in your browser here on The Backyard Sports game developed with flash-HTML5 technology allow them to work perfectly in all browsers. Enjoy playing other baseball games like Baseball Master and Baseball Hero from our category of sports games online. And have a blast with other crazy one-button Olympic sports games here on BrightestGames.
Watch Video Instruction and Youtube gameplay of Backyard Sports free on! 


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