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Battle Of Mighty Dragons

Play Battle of Mighty Dragons: Archer Game free
Have you ever wanted to play as a gladiator or knight to experience the worrier dream, and fight for the glory of your kingdom? Then here on, you can join in this unbelievable addictive game with high-quality graphics refined in a realistic style that provide impressive visual effects, which will take you to an amazing fantasy world through the Middle Ages. The story of the game can be seen right before the game start in the intro animation where a sentry from its post above the watchtower has spotted through a wrathful snowstorm the whole legions of an undead army that is approaching the castle you are been placed as captain. Also, you can see in the huge undead army there are beasts, wolves, zombies, and also a terrifying dragon! As the emergency bells to worn the other fighter from the cattle abought the danger that is approaching the castle walls. Our brave scout archer will run and try to warn everybody outside the castle peasants, soldiers, children, and everybody that lives in that area. And they run to escape from the castle in time before the actual battle begins. On the first mission, you will take the horse and try to stop some of the forces before they reach the castle. The first fight you must take is with the dragon which flies ahead of the undead army and lands at the gates of the castle. With a bow arrow, you must inflict as many arrows in the dead of the dragon, and combine the normal arrow with the one in a fire to deal extra damage. Shoot from a larger distance before the dragon can reach you because you will die fast if so. And watch the dragon HP to the top right of the game interface to see when he is dead. Then, take on the long sword untended one by one. If you manage to kill them the wolves and beast will rush at the castle gates too, so move and shoot from a safe distance to kill them and retreat to the castle. There are 20 missions to complete do your best to see if you can kill the undead king and save the cattle from the invaders. Remember any shot to the head is a one-shot to kill the undead, wolves, zombies, only the dragons require more shots to be killed!

How to play the Battle of Mighty Dragons game?
To navigate through the game interface just use the mouse. To select the level and start the game press the left-click. Once the game starts you can move with the Arrow keys or the W, A, S, D. For jumping press the space button, and also to sprint for a short period of time press the Shift key. Hold the left-click and point at the enemies until the small target turns red, then release the arrow, be certain you hit the enemies. To survive use the bow and shoot from a larger distance, don't get close to the enemies you can die fast. An enemy is dead if its HP bar from the top right is empty. 

Release Date     December 15, 2020
Date added       Chicago Time: 03:33 on 15 February 2021

Type                         WebGL
Developer                Xuan Bui Developer
Platform                   PC, Web browser and also on Android and iOS
HTTPS Ready            Yes
Current Version         1.1
Categories                  Role Playing, Archery, Action, Survive, War, Zombies.

Game Features
  • A high detailed environment in a fantasy world relating back to the dragon area.
  • Highly detailed weapons, animals, best, dragons, weapons, and more.
  • You can experience different missions to fight with the bow and arrow.
  • Realistic animations and a nice intro video.
  • You can experience different missions to fight with the sword.
  • Fight against wolves, bears, zombies, best, and dragons.
  • Improve your battle techniques to become the most skilled dragon hunter.
  • More than 20 missions to complete in the game.
  • Epic music, with realistic sounds voices, animal sounds.
  • Full-screen mode is available.
  • Realistic and addicting game-play.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 10

More Information About Battle of Mighty Dragons
Enjoy a fun 3D archery game that takes you back to the dragon area, and also provides exciting gameplay. Battle of Mighty Dragons, it's developed with WebGL technology which optimizes the game and allows it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. So just play the game and have fun and try more awesome online archery and castle war games free, here on! And good luck with the missions from the game!


For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of Battle of Mighty Dragons online here on


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