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Clash Of The Legends

Are you looking online for the best strategy and defense games? How about playing some epic fun spell and sword fighting games? Explore a unique Disney game called Clash Of The Legends directly in your browser here on for free. And start the journey in this fun online competitive game where you play with nine heroes along with Kid Fury, control a knight, a mage, and an archer through dangerous lands filled with beasts, villains, and pirates. To controls the players it's simple just use the mouse to point and click, the hero's portrait to activate the hero powers. As you use the power you will see on the icon that it won't be available again until after the cooldown period. With each kill, you earn XP and gold, and with the gold gathered you can upgrade the hero to prepare it for the later quests. Also in the hero shop, you will see that only the first three heroes are unblocked, the other six are blocked a require an amount of money to be able to play with them. Besides the hero powers, you also can use two separate spells that you can see on the top of the game interface. The first one it's called Red Legendary Power that is the best choice to counter the enemy's unit number. Meaning when then are more than 2 villains you are fighting with use the spell to help you summon a lot of archers and they will shoot fast and eliminate the problem, but they will disappear after a short period of time and also have a cooldown. As you see while fighting the hero lives will decrease and they are knocked out when they run out of health. Usually, a knocked out hero is unusable for the remainder of the quest. But to avoid that you can select the other Green Legendary Power that will heal the knights and fighters. Go through all the three worlds in this online MMO game that provides more than 30 levels. And try to complete all the 20 achievements to have more money or upgrades. Use your brain and the hero's abilities of your character to win battles and upgrade your hero powers to become a more powerful fighter because you will not be able to become victorious as you progress the difficulty of the levels will increase. Think of the best strategies to accomplish that, and combine heroes and spells to become the best player in this online RTS game called Clash Of The Legends here on Also, make sure you explore other similar RTS games 2020 
like Battle of Orcs, and War Lands. Good luck with all the missions and upgrades and have fun in the mindblowing strategy fighting game!
The first hero is a knight and is called Uther, that is a melee front position fighter that will swing for massive damage against one enemy and continues to sting for smaller damage. ( His first upgrade cost 100 gold the second cost 150).
2. The second hero is a female hero mage called Madeleine that has a magic rear position and will cast a healing light from above, that will heal the hole groop. ( Her first upgrade cost 100 gold the second cost 150).
3. The third hero it's a barbarian type of hero like a Viking with a powerful ax called Ragnar, which is a melee front position and is unblocked after clearing stage 1.
4. The first hero is called Simon and it's an archery type of hero with a range mid position. And it will be available only after clearing stage 3.
5. The fifth hero is a katana sword fighting male called Robyn, with a range mid position that will only be available after clearing stage 17.
6. Next, is the six heroes called Vespers, which is a magic rear position, unlockable after clearing stage 23.
7. The seven hero is called Victoria that is a ranged mid-position, unlockable after retrieving one crown. 
8. The eight hero is called Professor Piter and is a magic rear position, unlockable after retrieving 3 crowns.
9. The last nine heroes is called Cheskara and is the most powerful mele fighter been a mixture of a barbarian and Viking also that plays the role of a tank, mele front position. And is unblockable after retrieving five crowns.
Select Your Power
Like heroes the are also nine powers that you can unblock and selected to help you fight the villains. When starting the missions, you select your heroes then you will have the possibility to choose the powers you think are suited to help you fulfill the mission from the selected level. The spells are called:
1. Healing - target single ally, and has an effect of healing of 40% of the total hp with a cooldown of 5 seconds.
2. Allies - target multiplayer enemies with an effect of summoning allies forces '' Archers'' that will disappear after a few seconds and have a cooldown of 40 seconds.
3. Strenght - target a single hero and provides a bonus attack speed and power boost for a short period of time is unblockable after clearing stage one and has a 5-second cooldown.
4. Protection - target a single hero and provides a bonus armor and shield, that will reduce the incoming damage for a short period of time, also is unlockable after clearing stage 7. 
5. Lighting - target multiplayer enemies with an effect of lightning giving a lot of damage to your opponents, is unlockable after clearing stage 13 and has 5 seconds cooldown.
6. Sleep - target multiplayer enemies with an effect of putting the enemies to sleep for a short period of time, is used when fighting a lot of enemies as once to reduce the number of fighters and you can take them one by one, this will help you keep your troops and not lose then easily.
7. Water - target a single hero and has unknown properties also is available after retrieving 2 crowns.
8. Fire - target a single hero with a large among of damage been available after retrieving 4 crowns.
9. Earth - target multiplayer enemies with a spread of tree root that will damage and hold the enemies until you can shoot them down with spells and arrows. The spell is the strongest one in the game and also is only available after retrieving 6 crowns. It has the larges cooldown in the game 20 seconds.
Use the mouse to navigate the game.
Press the left-click to use spells and guide the hero path.
Release Date
The game was released on 09.02.2018.

Bugs and tips.
1. There is a bug on google chrome, with the sound so play on firefox to fix the problem.
2. Also if you click on the sword icon on the game interface the game will not load, to play the game just click the levels, and the game start.
3. If you have clicked the sword icon with the exclamation mark to continue the game you must refresh the browsers or reload the game and start again.
4. The game has saving progress and you can press the continue button of the game to continue where you left.

Developer              Disney
Platform                Web browser, desktop and any mobile device here
Http Ready             Yes
Mobile Ready         Yes
Mobile Mode          Yes
Genre                      RPG, Adventure, Fighting, Strategy

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 7

The Web browser game version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

  • Enjoy a fun and complete strategy game from Disney.
  • Great 2D graphics with detailed players, weapons, spells, and levels.
  • The game provides gold, items, artifacts, power-ups, and more cool game features.
  • There are nine heroes available in the game, unblock them all and fight with them.
  • You can choose and unblock also nine ability powers spells.
  • Each hero is specialized to fight in a certain area, for example, the mele hero fights in front archery in the back, and the mage hero in the middle.
  • More than 20 achievements to complete that will provide gold.
  • Each hero can be upgraded with money and also add power-ups to make it more powerful.
  • The game provides three worlds with more than 30 levels to play, explore, and have fun.
  • Easy and fun to play with an addicting game-play.

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On, you can play free directly in your browser Clash Of The Legends unblocked. We make sure to keep the games unblocked if you want to play them even from schools, libraries, and other location that restricts the access to the games.

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Clash Of The Legends
Enjoy this rts games for ps4 that provides great visual graphics and a captivating game-play. Clash Of The Legends it's a cool strategy fighting game developed with html5 technology. This will allow it to work perfectly in all modern browsers and also on some mobile devices. Have fun with this epic rts games pc and explore other similar rts games free online here on our category with online sword and bow games!
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of Clash Of The Legends online here on


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