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Eagle Ride

Here is the online Eagle Ride game; you can play it free and unblocked on BrightestGames!
Are you looking for a fun high-score flying game with birds of planes? To polish your timing and reflex abilities? Stay away from the threes and see how long you can last in the original, ''Eagle Ride'' uncomplicated mode. You have to avoid the bouncing balls and gather as many diamonds as possible in the crazy level and the black and white challenging version. You may even get in the cat automobile and pretend to be one of the feline racers. Fly a massive eagle across a verdant woodland under your command! To maximize your distance, avoid hitting anything on the way.

What is Eagle Ride?
The natural world hates nothingness. Consequently, there are a wide variety of organisms on earth, including those that make their homes in the air, the soil, the water, the ground, and the rocks. Birds are unique members of nature. Therefore it's only accommodating that they get the sky all to themselves. There is a wide range of diversity within the family of birds; some members of this family cannot even fly but are nevertheless classified as birds. However, we'll be talking about birds that fly high in the sky and showing photographs of birds in flight in the game Flying Birds Slide. Mice, pigeons, and tiny hummingbirds.

Tips and How To Play Eagle Ride?
The game's main menu allows players to change the bird's color to accommodate personal tastes. Getting through the forest without getting snagged by the threes that function as checkpoints won't be as important as choosing your desired color. Remember that missing any potential crash or smash will result in losing your life, the game, and retaining to start again from the beginning. Besides, you must keep your mouse still and use the white lines in the air to teleport from ring to ring. You'll see that the threes move laterally as the eagle flies through them; this is important to keep in mind so that you don't lose your bearings and crash into something. Also, to play the game, just use the arrow keys and try to fly and slide sidewards to avoid the objects in front of you.

Release Date     05 December 2017
Updated On        
September 2021
Date added         Chicago Time: 12 September 2022 12:27

The Bird Of Prey Simulator game was developed by Aron Sommer. But you can play the game online for free on

Type                          WebGL - Html5
HTTPS ready         Yes
Mobile Mode          Portrait
Developer             Aron Sommer
Platform                  PC, Web browser, and also on a mobile device

Categories              3D, Animals, Birds, Flying, Simulatorunblocked 66, unblocked 761 Player, WebGLUnblocked.

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The web browser version of the Eagle Ride game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

More Information About Eagle Ride
Have you ever wondered how the birds fly throw the sky and threes? Becoming a bird for a day would be cool, no? Where you can fly in the blue sky! Then join the Eagle Ride, a realistic animal game flying simulator game that teaches how birds glide. The Eagle Ride game can be played for free online on Along with other fun 3D bird game simulators. If you enjoyed this online bird game, make sure you try other similar bird hunting games here on our website!

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