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Police Chase Motorbike Driver

Police Chase Motorbike Driver game it's now free online on!
Join a fun 3D realistic police bike game online. Where we are all aware that police officers are the individuals who track down criminals, save lives, and carry out other rescue operations, aren't we? In our police game category on our website, you can enjoy Police Chase Motorbike Driver unblocked. Whereas always, you have an excellent opportunity to prove yourself as the most realistic police car police driver possible in this game. You will be required to complete tasks, and you will have the opportunity to do so if you choose to become a police officer. In this game, you will take on the role of a police officer and do everything to improve your vehicle, including purchasing a new one. You must drive through the available objects and complete tasks to earn money.

About Police Chase Motorbike Driver?
Police Chase Motorbike Driver is a game for people who are always on the lookout for criminals and not afraid to confront them. Follow your instincts and apprehend the criminals who are causing trouble in your city. Every mission has its own set of constraints. Complete missions and collect money from various locations throughout the city to unlock new bikes. Keep the criminals out of town because you're the superhero of this city. Confront them and, if necessary, put them to death. Allow them to get away from you at all costs! However, with each Impact, the health of your bike will diminish.
Tips And How To Play Police Chase Motorbike Driver?
Take the wheel of your car and embark on dangerous missions! They are easy to locate because you have to travel to the city and follow the signs. Your supervisors will explain precisely what you need to do and what reward you can expect after each task is completed. Cover the whole city with your search to increase your chances of finding the prize on the streetside. You can use the money you earn to purchase a new vehicle. Purchase different police bikes, motorbikes and even a police chopper! To steer, drive, and get into the car, use the arrow keys, W, A, S, and D, space in reverse, F to shoot, and the mouse buttons to aim. You can chase down criminals and protect presidents and other officials on their rides to save people. If you have to kill a criminal to save them, don't be afraid to do so without thinking first. 

Controls in Police Chase Motorbike Driver?
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. To drive use ( Drive / Move Left ) Press A - ( Drive / Move Right ) Press D - ( Breaks ) Press SPACE - ( Drive / Move Reverse ) Press S - ( Drive / Move Forward ) Press W - ( Get in Car ) Press F - ( For Shooting ) Use Mouse Left Click - ( For Aim ) Use Mouse Right Click.
Game Features:
-Get on your bike and ride around catching and eliminating threats.
-President's journey to your city will be escorted by you.
-By driving and completing missions, you can gain access to more bikes.
-Nice-looking 3D graphics with a fantastically detailed level, bikes, and bike riders, as well as the cities in which they are set.
-Unlock and test ten different bikes, dirtbikes, and motorbikes on the open road in this game.
-Each bike has a unique set of performance characteristics based on its speed, engine, and torque, as well as its pilot.
-The world is one big map with countless possibilities.
-Bodybuilders with nitrous oxide and realistic bike physiques
-HTTPS is enabled, as well as full-screen mode. 

Release Date    Friday, April 22 2022
The Police Chase Motorbike was developed by Driving games and distributed by Free Online Games. But you can enjoy the game online for free on

The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

More Information About Police Chase Motorbike Driver
A fun and challenging police bike game free play that you can enjoy free on The Police Chase Motorbike Driver it's developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly in all browsers. If you enjoyed these awesome games with bikes make sure you try new police games every day on our website.
Make sure you check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube game-play of Police Chase Motorbike Driver for free on


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