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    Shoot the game it's a fun action-packed boat shooting multiplayer where you join a 3D arena against other boat players from all over the world. it's one of our selected war and 3D shooting games classified in our list of .io games offered free on our website. In the game like in all-new .io games, the point is to survive as long as possible and eliminate the other players from the arena. To do that you must use the arrow keys to drive and balance different types of lighting fast boats that have upgraded turrets equipped. The turrets have different abilities and can provide lasers, fire, grenades, grenades launchers, machine guns, and more cool devastating weapons. Also, you can choose for free from the 12 skills that are listed in the top game interface. Select the one you like more but as a tip, the skin called Seafoam its a skin that blends pretty well with the environment, giving you an advantage of somehow your boat is camouflage.  As you adjust to the game physiques try to aim and shoot to kill all things moving on the water to become the ruler of the arena. On the map, there will be power-ups randomly dropped. As you make kills you earn points for example for each kill you receive 100 points, if you kill another boat consecutive you receive extra 25 points. But if you crash your boat while speeding with the shift key you will lose 50 points. Do your best and become the king of the water and dominate the arena to have a higher score in the top player of Play have fun and remember to use all the power-ups they only last 30 seconds ;))
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Release Date
Wed May 22, 2019

Platform                       PC,  and Web browser
Http Ready                   Yes
Developer                     Jacobhart
Mobile Ready                no
Mobile Mode                 no
Genre                             Multiplayer, Battle Royale, Shooting.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6
Use the mouse to navigate the game and to aim and shoot.
Use the arrow keys to controls the movement of the boats.
Press the shit keys to boost the speed of the boats.

  • Enjoy a fun multiplayer 3D boat arena shooting.
  • Many boat skins to choose from.
  • Your boat is equipped with different turrets that shoot, throw grenades, and use lasers.
  • Collect magnets, shields, and other power-ups to help you in the game.
  • You can play the game in fullscreen.
  • Power-ups to help you win the game.
  • Each of the 8 power-ups lasts just for 30 seconds.
  • Nice music and sounds.
  • Easy to play and addicting gameplay.

The web browser game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Tips about power-ups and Weapons abilities.
1. The ''Laser'' has a lightning-fast speed shot and also a long-range that makes it the perfect weapon for destroying your enemies from a safe distance. It's the perfect weapon for beginners.
2. The ''Grenade Launcher'' throws grenade slow, but they have the most excessive damage and can overtake any weapon in the game. With a large blast, you can kill more then one player at once if you are skilled and smart enough.
3. The ''Machine Gun'' it's light and shoots fast. A few seconds of strenuous fire will annihilate any player on water.
4. The first one is my favorite and it's called ''Explode-o-laser'' that is pretty similar to the laser type but with a boom at the end.
5. ''The Shrapnel Gun'' can shoot a shell that explodes into pieces similar to a shotgun. The pieces that split will deal a lot of damage to your opponent boat.
6. The ''Spread Gun'' it's a fun a unique weapon that fires bullets in an arc that is also similar to a shotgun.
7.8 The last two weapons are called Double Shot and Homing Shot. The Double Shot will have the possibility to fire a twin cannon. And the Homing Shot it's the most fun because it shoots heat-seeking projectiles that will follow your boat quite a distance.

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Control your boat easily and have fun in this io games shooting online for free on it's developed with Html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoy this io games with friends make sure you play similar io. games 2020  from our vast collection of free online io games category!

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