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Squid Shooter

Squid Shooter game it's now free on!
Where if you like FPS and Squidgames then this new Squid Shooter is the perfect action-packed challenge where you participate in an epic battle of survival. The participants and security guards of the well-known survival game known as Squid Game will launch an attack on your character. When your character enters a new location, it will be displayed on the computer screen in front of you. He'll be armed with various firearms, grenades, and rocket launchers, among other things. The participants in the Squid Game and the guards will attack it from all directions. While maintaining your distance, you will have to fire to take out the adversary. By shooting accurately, you will destroy all of your opponents and earn points in the process. Keep in mind that after accumulating a certain number of points in the game Squid Shooter, you will be able to visit the game store and purchase a new weapon for yourself. Additionally, the Squid Shooter game is a first-person shooter in which you must incapacitate an armed army of unarmed soldiers, a horde of robotic giants dols, and a slew of other adversaries who have amassed weapons against you as a single unit. Eighteen different types of weapons with distinct characteristics will be available in your arsenal, including a variety of pistols, assault guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and even bazookas to choose from. Exercise all of your available weapons to eliminate the most significant number of intruders and to succeed in this insanely tricky survival game.
About Squid Shooter?
There are a plethora of exciting levels in front of you, and as a result, the level of difficulty will gradually increase. Before beginning the bătălie, you will have the option of purchasing a variety of additional bonuses, which will be valid for the following two levels. First, turn on invulnerability at any time of day or disable access to an extensive arsenal of weapons by pressing a button. Assure yourself that the enemies will have a numerical advantage so that you will remain in motion and will not be surrounded as a result. Finally, maintain a safe distance between you and your adversaries and avoid projectiles aimed directly at you to avoid injury. I wish you the best of luck in your fight!
Controls in Squid Shooter?
Mouse to look around WASD to move W + Shift to run Space to jump Left Mouse Button to shoot Right Mouse Button (Hold) to aim Mouse Wheel to move the camera.
- Next / Previous arrow keys
- Weapon 1-7 is the hotkeys for various weapons.
-R stands for reloading.
-Knife attack 1 (F), knife attack 2 (Q), grenade attack 3 (G), and grenade attack 4 (F). E - remove/remove weapon T - inspect weapon T - inspect the weapon.
Game Features in Squid Shooter:
- stunning visuals - a diverse selection of weapons
- one-of-a-kind adversaries
-Use grenades to deal massive explosive damage to squid players in this addictive game. The game also features driving music and excellent sound effects.
-Unlock exclusive skins and take on the role of Front Man!
-Take on challenges, but proceed with caution.
-18 different weapons to unblock.
-Addicting gameplay.
-Full-screen mode available
-HTTPS ready.

Release Date      Friday, December 31 2021

Developer                 GoGoMan
Mobile Mode            Yes
Platform                    PC and Web browser.
HTTPS Ready            Yes
Categories                 Action, Shooting, Scary1 playerWebGL, Squid game, 3D, Boys

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 10

More Information About Squid Shooter
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