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  • Navigate/aim Shoot
    Use Killstreaks
    Alert Teammates To A Point

STUG (.io)

STUG (.io) game it's now free on!
Where if you like tanks, war and multiplayer battle royale games, then this new is the perfect challenge for you. STUG is a new multiplayer game in which you must participate in dynamic tank battles against a large number of other players from all over the world! First and foremost, you must complete a brief tutorial in which you will become acquainted with all of the fundamental game mechanics that every tank must be familiar with before taking to the battlefield! Because the tank's frontal armour is extremely thick, it is best to aim for the most vulnerable areas, such as the tracks, the engine, or the fuel tank behind the tank.
How to play STUG (.io)?
We recommend that you register in order to save your progress in the game before you begin. You can modify the appearance of the tank in the hangar, as well as test its capabilities on the test site, which is located nearby. In different countries, including the United States and the Soviet Union, you will have access to various branches of tank development. Capturing points and team fighting are two of the game's more interesting game modes to try out. Aerial bombardment, the placement of fences, and the use of anti-tank mines are all options. Make use of the ricochet effect on the walls to hit the enemy who was hiding behind the cover with your bullets. Increase the number of toolboxes you have, which will allow you to quickly poke holes in your body and continue the fight. Increase your ranking in order to gain access to new types of armoured vehicles and to take first place in the overall rankings with the help of those super tanks.

WASD = move
Shift = boost
Left-click = fire
1, 2, and 3 = use killstreaks
Middle mouse button = alert teammates to a point
Space = handbrake (wheeled vehicles only).

The STUG  game was developed by Bombsight Games. But you can play the game online free on!
Pc and Web browser

Type                              Html5 with subtype Javascript!
HTTPS Ready               Yes
Mobile Ready               Yes
Mobile Mode                Yes
Genre                             War, StrategyMultiplayer, Tank, Boys, 3D, IO.

TANKS: Sci-Fi Battle Games!
Call of the Ops 2
Assault Bots
WW2 Modern War Tanks 1942
Call Of Tanks
TANKS: Sci-Fi Battle
STUG (.io)

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

More Information About STUG (.io)
Enjoy a realistic multiplayer tank game online unblocked that simulates a real-life battle of World War II with different types of war vehicles. The STUG (.io) game it's developed with Html5 technology which allows the game to work perfectly in all browsers. If you enjoy these awesome tank make sure you play other comparable games from our tanks online category here on our website free!

For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of the STUG (.io) online here on


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