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Super Nano Blaster

Here is the online Super Nano Blaster game; you can play it free and unblocked on Brightestgames!
Are you looking for the classic space shooting games you used to play in your childhood? Then start playing this action-packed space shooter with a blast. Super Nano Blaster is an excellent example of a classic two-dimensional (2D) platformer, and it is highly recommended to everyone seeking such a game. The game takes place in a virtual world that has been corrupted by a horrible virus known as the Void. This virus consumes everything in its way, and after doing so, it uses the resources it has taken to build an army of its underlings. You have been given the role of a fighter pilot, and to put a stop to the ongoing chaos, you are tasked with completing a dangerous mission that will lead you to the core centre. When we talk about how the Earth is in danger, we're talking about the potential for destroying not just one planet but the entire universe as a whole. It has not been established where the so-called Void Virus started just yet. Thus this remains a mystery. Anything that arrives in contact with it is immediately absorbed by it. However, it is not the end of the terrifying events. The nasty virus can infect everything, from inanimate objects to living animals, and convert them into whatever it needs at the time, in this case, a large army of murderous robots.

What is Super Nano Blaster?
Your Super Nano Blaster spaceship will be the only thing standing between an unfathomable threat and the rest of the galaxy for as long as it can do so. You can walk straight through walls and other constructions that appear solid from the outside if you maintain the left mouse button and move it to the right. Utilize the Super Nano Blaster to rack up some kills and treasure while at it.

How To Play Super Nano Blaster?
Once you start playing the game, you have the option of selecting the game's difficulty from the levels "easy," "normal," "hard," "expert," and "black hole." Destroy the enemy defensive turrets, demolish the obstructions, and sink the enemy fleet. Put aside enough power so that you may unleash new destructive weapons that will smash your enemies into small bits. In the case that your attempt is unsuccessful, you may easily bypass the checkpoints and revive in the location that is the closest to a save point. Acquire a broad array of different upgrades that will enhance the efficiency of your ship's combat manoeuvres. There is a massive final fight at the very end of the game, and if you lose, it might alter the world. Make it your goal to achieve the best score possible and smash all existing records.

Release Date        07/01/2022
Date added             Chicago Time: 22 August 2022 02:51

Type                           WebGL
HTTPS ready           Yes
Mobile Mode          Not Implemented yet.
Platform                    PC, and Web browser.
Developer               MassiveHeadGames
Genre                         TD, Strategy, Adventure, War, Castle, Defence, WebGL, Space, Unblocked, Simulator, Shooting,

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Super Nano Blaster

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

More Information about Super Nano Blaster
Play a fun 2D retro pixel space shooting game where you must defeatr all the robots and digital machines infected by the virus. The Super Nano Blaster game will work on all browsers and mobile devices. Have a blast with this excellent shooting defence game. Good luck, and do everything to eliminate the virus threath.

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