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Zombie Idle Defense 3D

Play Zombie Idle Defense 3D game online for free on BrightestGames!
Zombies have taken the world captive. Zombies have spread worldwide, leaving only a few safe zones that you must defend in Zombie Idle Defense 3D. This is a confined square space with high walls around it. The four corners are armed with cannons, while the center is armed with a rocket launcher. Once the adversary reaches their positions, they will begin firing without orders. You must upgrade them on a regular basis by spending the money you earn in the top left corner. By viewing advertisements lasting just five seconds, you may decrease the time between shots and increase your coin total by doubling it in Zombie Idle Defense 3D.

What Is Zombie Idle Defense 3D?
The undead has returned to Zombie Idle Defense 3D, and this time they mean harm. There are many different kinds of zombies in their army this time, such as shooters, kamikazes, butchers, skeletons, and more. You play a commander whose elite squad of soldiers has to defend their positions from the oncoming zombie horde once again. You have pistol troops, rifle soldiers, snipers, flamethrower soldiers, and so on, just as previously. Each of your warrior classes may be leveled up independently and have their statistics (damage, range, critical chance, double hit, etc.) boosted in their own unique ways.

How To Play Zombie Idle Defense 3D?
The elite squad troops must be strategically placed on the route throughout the combat to prevent the zombies from getting through. To earn more stars and better equipment for your warriors, you must destroy all enemy weaponry, gather money, and complete all milestones. Superpowers should not be ignored. Bombs, ice, and mortars should be used to destroy the undead. You'll need to work your way through the stages and develop unique strategies for each encounter if you want to defeat the game's huge zombie monsters.


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